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The Best Alternative Apps For ShowBox


When it comes to a question of a leading app that is ruling the entertainment category, one can choose ShowBox without any doubt. If you check the number of users who use ShowBox, the number will be countless. If ShowBox is ruling even after we have other Movie apps, then there should be some specialty for this app. ShowBox is a good and great app which has got good features that a user can take benefit of without any cost.

As per lifehacker.com, the more features an app has, the more will be the users. But, have you thought about a situation where you are using ShowBox for downloading, and suddenly the app stops working? Have you thought of any alternatives? What will be your next step? Do not get disheartened. Here are some alternatives for ShowBox which you may check and select.

PlayBox HD App helps you to download and stream HD movies. It is rated as one of the best apps to watch cartoons, movies, and Animes. Because this app has got various features, there is no doubt in you getting complete entertainment. If you want, you can download PlayBox in your Pc as well. Doesn’t it sound good?

MegaBox HD is an application that is free for its users. This app has got movies of all genres. Since MegaBox is not in Google play, you might have to install it manually. MegaBox is also filled with entertainment which you cannot ignore. Popcorn Time and Movie HD also provides the facility of downloading HD movies. These also contain movies of different languages as well as documentaries.

The app Crackle can be considered as one of the good alternates for ShowBox. The reason is that the number of users that use Crackle is above 25 million. Crackle gets updated every month, and so the content. If you want to enjoy the movies in crackle, the best thing is you do not need to log in. If you want to enjoy movies for free, Crackle is a good option. For Android and iOS, this is a free app. You can watch movies offline once you download it.

Hulu, like the other mentioned apps, also has a lot of movies and TV shows in their kit. Hulu supports to cast movies to your TV. You can even prepare a watch list and watch them later or offline. Hulu videos are web-based streaming that if you are not able to watch some videos, you can switch to a desktop.

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for downloading and streaming movies from different sources, then the best app would be the Hub Streaming app. It allows you to watch movies offline. The best feature this app allows is that if you want you can share the video links with your love ones.

These mentioned apps can surely be an addition to those who are movie buffs, and if these apps can be chosen as an alternate option for ShowBox, you can have the entertainment you want, uninterrupted.