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Merits And Demerits Of Free Blogs

blogger-free-blog-pros-and-consCreating your own blog is not an expensive or difficult task. In recent times, many people are growing interested in the wonderful past-time called blogging. In fact every individual or business firm has blogs today. But if you are a person, who doesn’t know how to start a blog free, then this article will surely be a guide on starting a new blog of your own.

You can develop your blog using several platforms and WordPress is one of the popular ones amongst them. It has in-built themes, layouts and plug-ins that allow you to develop an attractive blog for free or by using premium services. In the website https://wordpress.com/, you can find the different plans and price quotes offered by WordPress.

Now anyone can start a blog without possessing the technology-related skills. There are four steps involved in blog creation. The first one involves selecting a suitable name for your blog. Second, install the blog and the installation process takes up to five minutes. Once the blog is installed, you can design your blog using suitable themes and layouts. After this, your blog is ready and you can write the first blog post.

Because of the advancement in the Internet, many people are spending time browsing online websites. This shows that more readers are available online and it is the right time for starting your blog.

Blogging offers you the below benefits:

1. Blogging is a lucrative business, if you perform it right. The top and reputed bloggers definitely earn quite large amounts of money and part-time bloggers can also earn a decent income when doing it correctly.

2. An interesting, new and unique blog post will get tons of readers and you can get good recognition in the field. Majority of the bloggers became experts as a result of their blog posts.

3. Apart from generating income, blogging is a method of sharing your knowledge with similar-minded people and its fun interactive with others through your blog post.

Though there are possibilities of setting up your free blog through different websites there are some problems in that. Free blog creation is possible but you must understand the downsides involved before using it.

Free blog sites sell their advertisement in your blog sites and make money. You don’t have any control on the ads published on your blog and you will not how much money the company earns through their product from ads in your blog.

The sign-up process in the websites offering free blog creation is free but you need to pay money to do any changes to your blog. For example, after few months of blogging, you may want to change your blog design or domain name but you need to pay the website for each change made.

The company that provides the free blog space earns money. Creating a blog for free is similar to renting a property from a landlord, where you don’t have any control over the property. Free blog-sites never give access to their entire features to become a successful blogger.