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Popcorn Snack Can Be Healthy


Popcorn is seen as a delicious snack by most moviegoers and other home entertainment lovers. But the fact is that this snack does give you not only taste but also some health benefits, which most people are not aware. Some of the health benefits include lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar, enhancing the digestion, resist cognitive decline, minimize prematurely and weight loss. You can know more about the exciting health benefits of this snack by visiting the PopCorn Popper Hub on Facebook. In fact, an increasing number of people have started realizing the health benefits and hence there is an increase in the sale of volumes of this snack. You can check http://editiontime.com/2018/01/31/global-popcorn-market-size-2018-amplify/ to know how the popcorn market has amplified in recent years.

Before discussing the health benefits of popcorn, it is necessary to understand what popcorn is. It is nothing but a kind of corn that has hard shell or hull, called endosperm. This hard shell has the starchy interior. There are many varieties of popcorn available in the market. Some can be popped in the microwave, while some can be made only with exclusively designed appliances.

Popcorn is not a snack that was invented in the modern times. The fact is that this tasty snack has been enjoyed by human beings since 6000 years. Corn or maize is an essential food for various cultures for many centuries. Humankind created the first popcorn by merely heating the plant on fire. Archeological discoveries have found the evidence of popcorn being used in ancient Peru, Central America and New Mexico. Popcorns can be made in several colors by using kernels of different colors.

Today, the popcorn snack is enjoyed by people all over the world in different colors and flavors. However, not all popcorn snacks that are found in the market are healthy. The health value of popcorn is lost with butter, salt, flavorings and other toppings. Popcorn is so healthy if it is eaten in plain form. Just heating is sufficient for making healthy popcorn as you will avoid adding vegetable oils, olive oils that can affect the polyphenolic content of corn, which is the prime factor for health benefits.

Popcorn contains fiber, antioxidant, manganese, Vitamin B complex and polyphenolic compound. Now let us see how these nutrients improve your health.

Popcorn is a whole grain that contains germ, endosperm, and bran. The structure is very same like other whole grains such as rice, whole grain cereals, and bread. Popcorn, being a natural whole grain, its bran has the fibers, vitamin E, vitamin B complex and other minerals. The high fiber content in popcorn will improve digestion and keeps the bowel movements quick and smooth. Popcorn also helps the digestive system to secrete more digestive juices.

Higher cholesterol levels can significantly impact the health of the heart. The rich fibers in the popcorn have the ability to remove the excess cholesterol found in the walls of arteries and blood vessels, thereby reducing the chances of dangerous heart diseases.

To enjoy healthy popcorn, you should buy a popcorn maker, which allow you make healthy popcorn at home.